Students learning from blogging--A 21st Century Trend

Posted by Kristen Yazbek on Feb 11, 2011 12:42:00 PM

 Learning in the 21st Century is a hot topic in education these days. Students need to find ways to get engaged and excited even more--what better way than to get your students to join a weekly blog?

students blogging

Just imagine, it’s Friday and you’re students have everything BUT school related topics on their mind. Start a "Friday Blog" where students can practice their writing, grammar, and creative thinking skills while enhancing their overall 21st century learning experience.   Blogging can bring kids into the world of writing, and best of all blogs are easy and fun to maintain.


Benefits of  blogging:

  • Seeing their words published on the Web is a great student motivator.
  • Blogs offer an innovative way for students to engage in reflective writing on classroom topics in a familiar medium.
  • Students who know they have an audience, gain more self-esteem and respect for themselves.
  • Kids love sharing and blogging.
  • Blogging weekly gets students into the habit of writing more, and doesn’t that make you a better writer?
  • There is no grading or test score which frees their mind for self expression and creative thinking.
  • Problem solving and communication.

Most of all blogging can teach your students to reflect on what they've learned and open their minds.

Do  you think adding a weekly blog would benefit your classroom?

 students sharing and blogging

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