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An update to Wixie's usage reporting

Posted by David Wagner on Mar 25, 2016 4:33:14 PM

We have a long list of features we want to put into Wixie; years’ worth of work to do it all. Mostly the features come from user requests. Features move up and down the list based on how often we hear the request. But sometimes, things just around based on opportunity.  Today we added some requested features to our usage reporting, not because it was the most requested feature, but because the opportunity presented itself. 


We had so much usage we had to rewrite the system just to keep it working, so while we were at it, we added some common feature requests.

Wixie district administrators can now:

  • Compare usage per school over a time period
  • View the daily usage for a specific school as well as the whole district
  • See the number of projects individual users worked on during a time period

We hope these new views will help administrators not only identify who is using Wixie the most, but also see where there are places for improvement. We hope this helps identify places where a little extra attention might go a long way to improve usage at a site or in a grade.

It is much less fun for us to be fixing things than to write new fun features. But when we are forced to make changes because people are using the tool so much, that is a problem we will happily work to fix.

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