Accessing your Wixie account on an iPad

Posted by David Wagner on Sep 20, 2016 8:26:32 AM

Because Wixie is an app on the iPad and runs in a browser on PCs, users going between the two devices often find themselves logged into their account in Safari on their iPad and not able to create a project. For teachers trying to grade student work or assign an activity, this wasn’t a big deal. But for students, there really wasn’t much they could do. With the latest update, if you log into your account in Safari on the iPad and tap the button to create a new project, the Wixie app will launch and you will be able to work. You still need to have the app installed, but Wixie will do the work of moving you from the browser to the app.

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An Update to the Wixie Log In Procedure on Tablets

Posted by David Wagner on Oct 5, 2015 10:58:47 AM

With the latest update to the Wixie app for Android and iPad, the account log in procedure has been changed.

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