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Wixie meets the US DOE's criteria for educational technology

Posted by Kimberly Carr on Apr 11, 2023 7:45:00 AM

The Federal funding landscape has changed since the pandemic, placing more emphasis on increasing student achievement by choosing technology that supports the development of the “whole learner.” 

The US Department of Education, Educational Technology Office, suggests four areas to consider when evaluating an EdTech tool for your school or district:

• Active Learning,
• Assessments,
• Supporting Family Involvement, and
• Improving Engagement with Distance Learners.

Wixie can be used to meet the needs of students and educators in all four of these categories to help you support learners with various abilities and close achievement gaps. Here's how.

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Wixie supports powerful pedagogy

Posted by Kimberly Carr on Jul 10, 2020 8:05:32 AM

With upended plans and daily changes, practical and meaningful use of technology has never been more important for students and teachers. Wixie makes it easy to engage and support learning in the classroom and beyond. 

Whether you are supporting face-to-face learning with a blended approach, personalizing learning for in-class and at-home learners, or just working to design a curriculum that meets the needs of your diverse learners, Wixie can help. Here's how (and why!)

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