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Project Setting - Hide all tools

Posted by David Wagner on Jun 3, 2021 8:00:00 AM

As a follow-up to my blog on the new pencil-only feature in Wixie, there is a similar option to set a project to hide all of the tools. With this setting, students can interact with objects already on the page, like drag them around and add and edit text, but they don’t have access to all of the new object and paint tools. This feature helps teachers deliver formative assessments without the distractions of all of the tools Wixie has to offer.

Here are some examples of templates from the Wixie curriculum library that will work great for this feature.

Counting animals


Matching animals to their environment


Matching words to the location of the sun in the sky


Base ten blocks


Making short letter words


Any sorting activity where students are dragging objects on the page works great with this feature.

To set a project to only show the pencil tool, click the File menu and choose Project Settings. Then, click the Hide all tools radio button and click Save.


More additions to the project settings include:

Lock project name - When selected, users will no longer be able to edit the project name in the name field on the toolbar.

Lock the background - When selected the background options will not display in the Page editing panel and the Send to Background option will not show in the Edit menu.

Lock page count - When selected there will be no New Page button available in the storyboard or the toolbar.

Lock the category - When a custom category is selected, this option removes the search, folder, and navigation buttons from the image dialog so that the user only sees the contents of the selected category.

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